The translation service accompanies the editing and management of the documentation throughout the course of a job
Our core business is related to technical, scientific, legal and commercial translation, but we also offer technical writing services, layout, transcription, etc.

Certified quality

One of the first professional translation agencies to obtain ISO 9001 certification in Italy since 1995.

Each job is managed by a manager who prepares the job and selects the most suitable resources.
It also ensures that the required quality standards and delivery times are always met.

Each job is entrusted to mother tongue translators, selected according to the requirements of our Quality System, and evaluated according to four main parameters: overall quality, accuracy, punctuality and communication.

The choice of translators is based on predefined criteria such as:

Specialization areas;
Any past experience with the same customer or with the same type of project, etc.

Supported formats

We make translations in the most popular commercial formats, for example:

MS Office Applications
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
OpenDocument format
Adobe Applications
(FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.)
Tagged files
(HTML, XML, etc.)
(Conversion to MS Word and pagination included)
(Conversion to MS Word and pagination included)
Custom Custom Formats

Translations in 50 languages

We have accredited translators for more than 50 languages.

In any case, we are able to handle, in a very short time, requests for more specific language combinations

Our main working languages are:

  • Italiano
  • Inglese (UK, US)
  • Francese (FR, CA)
  • Russo
  • Spagnolo (EU, L.A.)
  • Portoghese (EU, BR)
  • Tedesco
  • Cinese
  • Albanese
  • Arabo
  • Bielorusso
  • Bosniaco
  • Bulgaro
  • Catalano
  • Ceco
  • Coreano
  • Croato
  • Danese
  • Ebraico
  • Estone
  • Farsi
  • Finlandese
  • Giapponese
  • Greco
  • Hindi
  • Indonesiano
  • Irlandese
  • Islandese
  • Kazako
  • Lettone
  • Lituano
  • Lussemburghese
  • Macedone
  • Malese
  • Maltese
  • Mirandese
  • Norvegese
  • Olandese
  • Polacco
  • Romeno
  • Serbo
  • Slovacco
  • Sloveno
  • Svedese
  • Tagalog
  • Turco
  • Ucraino
  • Ungherese

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